The Greek Programming Board (GPB) is a student run programming body uniting the Greek community at UA and upholding 4 pillars: education, leadership, service, and social engagement. The Board is composed of 11 members, who have the goals of fostering unity amongst all four councils, while providing the community with comprehensive educational programming, creating local, state, national, and international service opportunities, promoting ethical leadership development, and planning Greek social events. For questions or concerns, please contact the Greek Programming Board.

2018–2019 Greek Programming Board

  • Executive Director: Ally Krenos, Delta Gamma (APA)
  • Director of Educational & Leadership Programs: Emmit Fagerstrom, Phi Sigma Pi (UGC)
  • Assistant Director of Educational Programs: Elizabeth Railey, Alpha Gamma Delta (APA)
  • Director of Greek Events: Mary Alice Crocker, Chi Omega (APA)
  • Assistant Director of Greek Events: Brooks Marquette, Kappa Sigma (IFC)
  • Director of Finance: Lillian Blakely, Alpha Delta Pi (APA)
  • Assistant Director of Finance: Michael Migliaro, Delta Lambda Phi (UGC)
  • Director of Philanthropy and Service: Meredith Moore, Alpha Gamma Delta (NPHC)
  • Assistant Director of Philanthropy and Service: Iyana Diaz, Delta Sigma Theta (NPHC)
  • Director of Public Relations: Lindsey Tredway, Pi Beta Phi (APA)
  • Assistant Director of Public Relations: Morgan-Claire Adamson, Delta Sigma Theta (NPHC)
  • Director of Greek Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Emry Summerville, Alpha Kappa Alpha (NPHC)
  • Assistant Director of Greek Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Skylar Devers, Delta Gamma (APA)
  • Director of Data Management: Will Oakley, Kappa Alpha (IFC)
  • Assistant Director of Data Management: Katie Kozel, Tri-Delt (APA)

Educational & Leadership Programs Committee

  • Sarah Hadley Greer, Chi Omega (APA)
  • Blaire Taggart (APA)
  • Rebecca Lescenski (APA)
  • Ryan O’Sullivan (IFC)
  • Brianna Cipola (APA)
  • Alexis Mitchel (NPHC)

Greek Events Committee

  • Gage Berthold, Theta Tau (UGC)
  • Mary Alice Crocker, Chi Omega (APA)
  • Sydney Rastatter, Alpha Gamma Delta (APA)
  • Allie Schneider, Delta Gamma (APA)
  • Tameron Williams (AKA)
  • Erin Jolley (APA)
  • Jillian Fields (APA)
  • Shannon Robinson (NPHC)
  • Brooks Marquette (IFC)

Philanthropy and Service Committee

  • Dakota Callaway, Alpha Delta Pi (APA)
  • Morgan Pfiffner, Delta Zeta (APA)
  • Fallon Phillips, Alpha Kappa Alpha (NPHC)
  • Brand Thaggard (IFC)
  • Logan Broxton (NPHC)
  • Genna Yonge (APA)
  • Hannah Parker (APA)

Public Relations Committee

  • Emily Safron (UGC)
  • Carolanne Berte (APA)
  • Katrin Friesen (APA)

Greek Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

  • John Henry Woods (IFC)
  • Jakobe Edwards (NPHC)
  • Abigail Murphy (APA)
  • Aeryn Morrison (NPHC)