The information below is from the previous academic year and the Greek Point System is currently being reevaluated by the Greek Programming Board. Please see the Updates to the Greek Programming Board page for more information.

The Greek Programming Board works diligently to regularly update the Greek Point Totals to keep the Lead Board up to date. Check-in regularly to see when your chapter stands.

Leader Board

Point totals for chapters within the Alabama Panhellenic Association (APA), Alabama Interfraternity Council (IFC), Alabama National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC) and Alabama United Greek Council (UGC).

ChapterCouncilTotal Points
Alpha Chi OmegaAPA373
Alpha Delta ChiAPA28
Alpha Delta PhiIFC14
Alpha Delta PiAPA277
Alpha Gamma DeltaAPA1032
Alpha Kappa AlphaNPHC24
Alpha Kappa LambdaIFC2
Alpha Omega EpsilonUGC35
Alpha Omicron PiAPA461
Alpha PhiAPA678
Alpha Phi AlphaNPHC0
Alpha Sigma PiIFC0
Alpha Tau OmegaIFC0
Beta Theta PiIFC2
Beta Upsilon ChiUGC10
Chi OmegaAPA768
Chi PhiIFC39
Delta ChiIFC119
Delta Delta DeltaAPA706
Delta GammaAPA912
Delta Kappa EpsilonIFC0
Delta Sigma PhiIFC0
Delta Sigma ThetaNPHC5
Delta Tau DeltaIFC1
Delta ZetaAPA735
Gamma Phi BetaAPA614
Kappa AlphaIFC43
Kappa Alpha PsiNPHC0
Kappa Alpha ThetaAPA321
Kappa DeltaAPA370
Kappa Kappa GammaAPA155
Kappa Kappa PsiUGC2
Kappa SigmaIFC22
Lambda Chi AlphaIFC0
Lambda Sigma PhiIFC0
Omega Psi PhiNPHC1
Phi Beta SigmaNPHC2
Phi Delta ThetaIFC14
Phi Gamma DeltaIFC6
Phi Kappa PsiIFC2
Phi Kappa SigmaIFC11
Phi Kappa TauIFC106
Phi MuAPA675
Phi Sigma KappaIFC1
Phi Sigma PiUGC65
Pi Beta PhiAPA1076
Pi Kappa AlphaIFC18
Pi Kappa PhiIFC0
Sigma Alpha EpsilonIFC0
Sigma Alpha MuIFC42
Sigma ChiIFC6
Sigma Delta TauAPA228
Sigma Gamma RhoNPHC1
Sigma KappaAPA523
Sigma Lambda BetaUGC0
Sigma NuIFC0
Sigma Phi EpsilonIFC0
Sigma PiIFC2
Sigma Tau GammaIFC6
Theta ChiIFC34
Theta TauUGC117
Zeta Beta TauIFC94
Zeta Phi BetaNPHC0
Zeta Tau AlphaAPA274