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Greek Points were created to incentivize the Greek community to foster relationships with members in different organizations other than their own. Greek Points provide the opportunity to come together and serve the campus and the University in service and philanthropic efforts. The goal of the Greek Programming Board and the Greek point system is that members will leave the university with friends in not only their own Greek Chapter, but with friends in all four councils.

List of Events

For a current list of eligible events, please refer to the table below. Follow @uaofsl Instagram for live updates on Greek Point Events happening daily.

OFSL Greek Point Events 
Event NameDateTimeLocationPoint ValueDescription
Mental Health Speaker (COLA)09/19 / 20227:00 pmNorth Lawn Room 20053Hear from Mental Health Advocate and Speaker Archie Messersmith- Bunting as we kick off Hazing Prevention Week
Health and Wellness Speaker (COLA)09/21/ 20221:00 pm - 2:00 pmUA Student Center Room 31083Join OFSL as we hear from Cherie Simpson with the UA Health Center. Cherie will discuss tips on maintaining balance with school, health, and wellness.
Donut Haze09/20 - 22/ 202211:00 am - 2:00 pmOFSL Office (UA Student Center)1The OFSL will have doughnuts and information for Hazing Prevention Week. Students are encouraged to sign the anti-hazing pledge.
Start Smart9/27/20225:00 - 7:00 pmUA Student Center Room 24081Start Smart is a pay equity workshop targeted at but not limited to college-age women. The workshop covers resumes, cover letters, understanding benefits, and techniques for pay negotiation.
Lunch and Learn Resume Workshop09/28/202212:00 - 12:45 pmUA Student Center Room 31113The Career Center will join OFSL for a resume workshop for freshman and sophomore students intetested in persuing leadership roles within their chapter and campus organizations.
UA WGRC Volunteer Action Team09/28/202211:00 am - 1:00 pmUA Women and Gender Resource Center, Southlawn Office Building, Suite 20001This event facilitates students in creating awareness ribbons for Domestic Violence Awareness Month and Breast Cancer Awareness Month held in October.


Greek Programming Board and the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life has the final say on the delegation of Greek Points for events. Points value will be announced before the event. The Board withholds the right to deny based on location and availability of transportation for students.

  • All Greek Point events are worth 1 Greek Point, except for OFSL- sponsored events that are worth 3 Greek Points.
  • Chapter-sponsored events:
    • If a chapter is hosting a Greek Point event by themselves, members of that chapter are not eligible to receive points for that event.
    • If a chapter is co-hosting an event within your council, members are eligible to receive 1 Greek Point.
    • If a chapter is co-hosting an event with a chapter from another council, members are eligible to receive 2 Greek Points. Chapters will be limited to two events per council each semester.
  • Events sponsored by non-UA organizations will not be approved.

Events Approval

The board has a strict two strike policy for not returning the completed attendance sheet within one week. After the first strike you will receive a warning. After two strikes your organization or chapter will be put on probation and will no longer be able to register or host Greek Point events for the rest of the semester.

Checklist for events approval:

  • Event approval form is filled out and submitted at least two weeks (14 days) before it occurs.
  • The event is open to participation for members from all councils
  • The event will not in any way promote, provide, or include the consumption and/or sale of alcohol in any way. This includes events held at bars.
  • The event is easily accessible to students (e.g. on campus or within reasonable walking distance from campus, etc.)
  • The completed attendance sheet is returned to us within one week of the completion of the event.
  • Submit graphics for your event to to ensure your event is featured on our @uaofsl Instagram page.


The Greek Programming Board oversees the approval of all Greek Points and Greek Point Events. Please complete the Greek Points Application, if you are interested in having Greek Points for an event your student organization or UA department is sponsoring. Before submitting the application, please review the Greek Points Guidelines above. For questions about Greek Points, please email All Greek Point applications are subject to approval.