To UA Greek Chapters, registered Student Organizations, Campus Partners, and Community Stakeholders,

Due to the suspension of normal operations earlier this Spring and the subsequent restrictions placed on non-academic student activities on or off campus, the Greek Programming Board (GPB) decided to use this time to look at the current GPB structures and practices in place, highlight and build upon successful programming and collaborative relationships, and identify areas in need of development. Building on conversations that began over a year ago, we reached out to Greek Council and GPB leaders, past and present, to identify current successes and address problem areas with the greatest potential for improvement. Time and again, the Greek Point system came up as the number one concern and the process with the most opportunity for growth and success. Armed with this knowledge, we have decided to suspend the Greek Point system.

The Greek Point system evolved from what were formerly known as Panhellenic Points, a system intended to promote wider campus engagement and involvement by the UA Panhellenic Community in events and programming outside of the ‘Greek bubble’. While our current model has stayed somewhat true to that original concept, as our University grew and new councils were created, the Greek Point system has failed to meet the needs of a growing and increasingly more diverse Greek community. Currently, Greek Points earned are used solely in determining Homecoming and Greek Week pairings – two events intended to promote Greek unity but instead, leave many of our organizations excluded and, in some cases, unable to participate due to National organization policies or guidelines. We can and must do better!

We have heard the concerns of our community members and leaders. With their guidance and support, the Greek Programming Board will focus its efforts during the Fall 2020 semester to retool and reinvent our current processes and examine the efficacy of our educational programming, service opportunities, and the Greek Point system. We understand that many non-Greek organizations and community partners rely on Greek Points to increase participation and raise funds and that this action will have an adverse effect on some groups to continue operating at previous levels. However, we cannot in good conscience continue to promote a system that is not equitable or inclusive of all our member organizations. To do so would mean disregarding our core mission of “fostering unity amongst all four councils.”

We value your input and are open to any suggestions you may have during this period of transition. We thank you for your understanding and for your patience as we work with our campus and community leaders to affect the reforms necessary to continue the legacy of excellence that is emblematic of the largest and greatest collegiate-Greek community in the nation.

Roll Tide!

The Greek Programming Board